About Computer Building 101

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 15:17

I put this up many years ago and it has taken many different forms.

I have just made arrangements with a new and hopefully better server to make this a faster and better site.

The new look is also a full featured structure that will take me a while to "get it all together".

This new version still has most of the original text, as the building of a computer has not basically changed in a couple of decades.
The only thing new in computer building is in the components you see here and you will find on the shelves of your favorite mail order firm.

The installation is still the same for all the components of a computer with space needed being the biggest change since this site has been written. The components especially graphics cards have grown since the original writing of this site but still the connections remain the same.

Perhaps sometime in the future a totally new way of installing parts will come about, and at that time I will rewrite the sections needed but until then the instructions seen here will be still valid.