Case Fan Assembly

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 17:03

Case Fan Assembly:


This installation is very simple and straight forward.
Your fans should have come with special screws to install them.

Fan Screws
Fan Screws

The fans have a directional arrow somewhere on them (or they should) or a piece of paper that will show you the air flow of the fan.

My preference is to have the fans in the front bottom of the case assembly sucking fresh air into the case and the fans in the rear and top blowing the air out of the case.

The side case fans can be a matter of preference.
Some prefer to have air blowing into the case here so it flows over the CPU or memory sticks whichever is directly behind the side fan.
Others feel its better to have the side fans sucking air out of the case making a cool draft over the CPU behind it to help the CPU fan do it's job.

My preference is to have the fans as close to the CPU fan as possible taking the air from the CPU assembly fan and rushing it out of the case.

This also in my opinion causes more air flow around the memory sticks which is usually close to the CPU assembly which is also a good thing.

With the power supply and the fans installed your ready for:

Installing the motherboard assembly into the chassis assembly