Ram assembly

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 16:40

Ram assembly: (computer memory)

Ram Memory - OCZ-PC3-10666
Ram Memory - OCZ-PC3-10666

Depending on who you talk to these circuit boards can be referred to as "memory cards" , "memory sticks" or just plain "memory".
They all refer to the same item, a circuit board with a number of chips on it.

The silver metal on the above memory is a heat sink to help keep the memory cool.


The board itself is approximately one inch tall and about 5 inches long with notche(s) on the bottom where the gold contacts are. The notches help insure proper placement and at each end a lever for locking it into place on the motherboard.
Do Not Touch The Gold Contacts When Handling memory sticks.
In each of the photos above the gold colored strip with the notch just above the middle are the contacts that should not be touched.

If your motherboard has only two memory sockets then both will be the same color.bly

Now if you have a four slot motherboard that has dual channel capabilities you will see two slots one color and the other two a different color, If the motherboard hasn't dual channel capabilities (which is unheard of in today's modern board) then all slots will be the same color.


Now if you have only two sticks of memory but four dual channel slots you have two different ways to access your memory.

If you put one stick into slot 1 of lets say the beige colored slot and the other stick into slot 1 of the black colored slot (I'm just using arbitrary colors your board may use a different color scheme)
Then you will be utilizing the fastest speed your memory stick is capable of. If you put both sticks into the same color slots then you will get the full amount of memory the two cards combined have but you won't see the full speed capability that dual channel has to offer.

Dual channel memory is made so that the full amount of memory the stick is rated at is there for the motherboard to use in the dual channel mode.
I do not advocate using single channel memory in dual channel boards anymore.
There will most likely be incompatibilities in today's boards.

That's it for the memory assembly.